Hook Video

This short film reflects on ways that prayer anchors the daily lives of Christians.

Hook Video

This short film reflects on ways that prayer anchors the daily lives of Christians.

June 6

Seeing and savoring God Himself is the ultimate good that humanity was made for. Pray that the gospel would continue to spread throughout the world and draw people from every tribe, nation, people, and tongue into God’s kingdom (Revelation 7:9).

June 5

As Christians, eternal life in God’s presence is to be our ultimate hope. Ask the Lord for a deeper sense of joyful expectation in His coming kingdom. Seek to connect your daily life with this wonderful hope of glory.

Kelsey’s Story

Kelsey shares how coming to trust God as her Heavenly Father helped her to reconcile with her earthly father.

June 4

We were designed to glorify God. Pray that God would help you see how your deepest passions, hopes, and dreams ultimately connect to Him. Ask for the grace to perceive any ways you need to alter your hopes and expectations to bring them into alignment with God’s will.

“My God, is any hour so sweet
From blush of morn to evening star,
As that which calls me to Thy feet –
The hour of prayer?”

Charlotte Elliott

June 3

The world can entice us to focus on our own glory, and it can be hard to remember that God’s glory is in fact the highest good we can seek. Ask the Lord to help you see His glory as of primary importance in your life, and to increase your delight in Him.

What Have We Learned from the Lord’s Prayer?

Pastor Tim Chaddick summarizes our journey through the Lord’s Prayer, encouraging us to take its core themes to heart.

June 2

Hebrews 12:28 says, “Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe…” God’s kingdom cannot be shaken, and His complete victory over evil is assured. Spend some time pondering this truth as something to celebrate, to be deeply thankful for, and to hold in awe.

Will My Prayer Be Heard?

How can we know if God hears our prayers? Pastor Tim Chaddick preaches from Luke 11:5-13 on the confidence we can have through Jesus Christ that God will answer our prayers in loving and gracious ways.