Your Kingdom Come

How does praying for God’s kingdom to come shape us? Pastor Jeremy Treat teaches from Matthew 6:10 on how the Bible’s grand story of redemption directs our goals, priorities, and confidence in prayer.

Discussion Questions

  • Reflect on the grand story of God’s kingdom in the Bible (creation, fall, and redemption). Considering who God is and who we are in this story, how does that shape the way we pray?
  • The direction of this prayer is God’s reign coming down to earth (not our will being accomplished in heaven). How does this truth challenge our natural tendencies in prayer?
  • In what specific areas of your life do you want to see God reign?

How Can We Pray with a Kingdom Perspective?

Pastor Jeremy Treat explains how praying “your kingdom come” reshapes our priorities and purposes in life.

“Prayer is not an exercise. It is the life of the Christian.”

Oswald Chambers

David’s Story

David shares how his trust in God deepened in the midst of career struggles.

Prayer Points

  • To pray for God’s kingdom to come is to ask that God would reign over the whole earth, bringing peace, justice, and healing to our troubled world. Pray for a deeper sense of the wonderful hope that His kingdom brings.

  • To ask God’s kingdom to come is to ask God to reign as Lord over every part of our lives. Ask God to bring everything in your life under His rule and to bring to mind areas that need to be transformed by His grace.

  • Pray that God would shape our commitments to those around us: immediate family members, fellow Christians, our neighbors, and the broader world.

  • Pray that God would align our desires with His, so that we love what He loves.

  • Pray that God would shape our thoughts and emotions to reflect His character and point to His coming kingdom.

  • When God’s kingdom comes in fullness, Revelation 21:4 promises that God “will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” Pray for those suffering today, that they would have hope and comfort in God’s promises.


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