What Have We Learned from the Lord’s Prayer?

Pastor Tim Chaddick summarizes our journey through the Lord’s Prayer, encouraging us to take its core themes to heart.

How Do We Bring Our Temptations to God?

Pastor Adam Smith shares the challenges we face in temptation and the great help we have in Jesus Christ.

How Does God’s Forgiveness Help Us to Forgive Others?

Pastoral Resident Devin Deuell shares how God’s grace heals our brokenness and empowers us to forgive those who have wronged us.

How Does God Provide for Us?

Pastor Brook Mosser briefly explains the ways that God provides for His children.

How Can We Surrender to God’s Will?

Pastoral Resident Obed Brefo shares some of the meaning behind “your will be done” and gives an example of how to surrender to God in daily life.

How Can We Pray with a Kingdom Perspective?

Pastor Jeremy Treat explains how praying “your kingdom come” reshapes our priorities and purposes in life.

What Does It Mean to Hallow God’s Name?

Pastor Sean Johnson shares how we can regard God’s name as holy in our daily lives.

How Should We Approach Our Father in Heaven?

Pastor Tim Chaddick explains how addressing God as “Our Father in Heaven” shapes the way we pray.