Kelsey’s Story

Kelsey shares how coming to trust God as her Heavenly Father helped her to reconcile with her earthly father.

Jessie’s Story

Jessie shares how the Lord delivered her from a period of rebellious living and gave her a renewed hope.

Kourtney’s Story

Kourtney shares how God redeemed her from a destructive lifestyle and empowered her to forgive all those who had hurt her.

Kelli’s Story

Kelli shares how God used Christian community to provide for her needs and teach her how to be a good steward of her finances.

Lacey’s Story

Having lost her daughter, Lacey shares about her current journey of trusting God through great tragedy and heartache.

David’s Story

David shares how his trust in God deepened in the midst of career struggles.

Kellye’s Story

Though once a devout atheist, Kellye shares how she came to treasure God’s name after He saved her out of an abusive relationship.